April to October 2020 at La Laguna Bolonia – Paraje de Betis, 1,11391, Cadiz, Spain


Join JC for a journey of deepening your yoga practice, finding your path and your own unique voice as a yoga teacher.

This training will incorporate the various tools needed to help us transform on and off the mat. You will learn how to embody the practices of yoga and how to share this embodied wisdom in an authentic way with others through teachings as well as leading by example

Rasa Yoga Teacher Training

What is Rasa Yoga?

Founded by Sianna Sherman, Rasa Yoga weaves together Asana, Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama, Meditation and Chanting … along with Tantra, Shadow Work, Ritual, & deep reverence for nature. It honours the tradition and lineage of yoga, while awakening your authentic creativity as a yoga teacher in the modern world.

Aims of the training.

Yoga is simply a journey of empowerment, transformation and discovery. The aim of this course is to help you deepen your own personal journey as well as begin to teach the practices. This training, and any foundational 200hr Teacher Training, is just the step on the journey.

For those who have already completed any previous Training, this course will serve them to refine their personal practices, plus the understanding and the teaching with Rasa Yoga’s emphasis on unique, authentic, empowered and creative expression.

This Mandala serves as the basis for Rasa Yoga. We dive deep into each of the petals during the three modules of Ganesha, Hanuman & Lakshmi

Registered Yoga School Logo
  • Sankalpa ~ Root intention
  • Sadhana ~ Spiritual Practice
  • Asana ~ Breakdown of alignments, biomechanics & foundations
  • Pranayama ~ Life force energy through breath work
  • Meditation ~ Setting the foundations for committed practice
  • Mantra ~ Sacred Sound, Chanting and medicine for the soul
  • Mudra ~ Sacred Seal, hand gesture
  • Art of theming ~ The skills you need to weave themes through classes
  • Philosophy ~ Yoga Darshanas, classical Tantra
  • Mythology ~ Myth, Deities & Stories and how these relates to our daily life
  • Teaching Skills ~ Verbal Cueing, street language, holding space
  • Leadership & Accountability ~ Empowered to be a strong leader in your community


This course is for any true seeker of magic, to start the journey on this yogic path who deeply desires to share their passion for the practices. Open to any practitioner with a minimum of two years of yoga practice , & to any yoga teacher who wishes to deepen their knowledge .